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Skin Care Must-Haves for Summer Cycling

In the summertime, all cyclists, especially females, are very concerned because extreme hot weather can damage their skin badly, and their concern is true. As of now, there are a lot of skincare products along with tips to protect your skin in the summer season, especially while cycling. If you, too, as a cyclist, are deeply worried about skin care for cyclists, then do not worry because we have got your back! Take a look below to treat the dry skin from cycling.

tips to protect your skin

Skin Care Must-Haves for Summer Cycling

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is necessary to safeguard your skin from UV radiation, but selecting a decent sunscreen may be difficult. Most sunscreens seem greasy or thick and may block your pores, while some others become ineffective once you begin sweating. You’ll need a sweat and water-proof sunscreen that does not make you appear like a clown.

  • Sunglasses

Make sure you’re wearing sunglasses. You probably wear sunglasses on the bicycle anyway to shield the eyes from dust, flies, or anything else that comes up from the roadway, and they will also shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Frequent sun exposure may induce cataracts as well as other UV-related ailments.

  • Wear A Cap

When deciding how to cover your head while going out for a ride, do not forget about the neck and head, especially if you are bald or have short hair. Aside from health consequences, you do not want to show up at work with red or sunburnt skin. Believe me; this is not a nice impression. You can put a Towel underneath your helmet or a cap to shield yourself from the sun.

  • Make Your Hair Sweat-Free

Sweat takes filth and oils with it as it flows down onto your eyes or face. With a bandana or helmet, you can keep perspiration off your eyes and face. Headbands or helmets specially made for cycling are compact and breathable, and their fabric will dry up the sweat from your head and keep your hair sweat-free and your body cool.


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