wear makeup to the beach

How to Wear Makeup to the Beach or Pool

Summertime isn’t done yet, so there’s always time to squeeze in a much-needed beach vacation. Thinking about your cosmetics should be the very last priority at this time. Fortunately, several cosmetics are designed to prevent blurring and spreading all through the day. There are many essential tricks and making tips to wear makeup to the beach or pool. Doing makeup correctly and with the right products will make your swimming with makeup easier and flawless.

Essentials Tips to Wear Makeup to the Beach or Pool

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is essential. It not only protects your skin but also creates a water resistance makeup base.
  • Primer: Use a prime or mattifying cream on your T-zone before applying your makeup to avoid it from dissolving, slipping, or seeming excessively glossy.
  • Cream-Based Cosmetics: Cream blushers and eye shadows, for example, are more water-resistant than powdery cosmetics and also protect the skin with a beautiful, healthful shine.
  • Water Proof Makeup: Waterproof makeup products are the only choice for swimming with makeup. Choose cosmetics that are gentle on sealants and are kinder to your skin.

pool party-proof makeup

Pool Party-Proof Makeup Ideas

  • Bold Look with Aqua Colours: A turquoise or ocean green eyeliner will enhance your eye shape pop if you want a strong eye appearance. Wrap up with a swish of waterproof mascara to avert panda eyes.  Aqua color eye shadow also creates beautiful eyes. However, these colours are tricky to work with, so be careful with the strokes.
  • Sun-kissed Look with Bronzer: A small application of bronzer will accentuate your appearance and give you an immediate silky shine. Lightly brush across the regions of your face where the sun generally shines: the peaches of your cheekbones, your nose, temples, and hairline for an instinctual, skilled effect.


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